Monday, 25 June 2018

SIX {Monthly Meet Up}

June, where did you come from?
As always, I am behind but I am going to stop apologising for that now. I think it is good that I am six months down and have actually continued this series! My new year's resolution to do something different each month is going well and actually it is really nice to see a list forming of everything I have done!

 Last month I was going to really focus on developing for swimming and quite specifically my front crawl. I love swimming and class myself as a strong swimmer but I find front crawl hugely embarrassing and I am just awful. Going swimming each week though has really made me try to look at what the really good swimmers are doing and try to copy their technique. What have I learned? I still look really stupid! I am way too self conscious to be splashing so much on a Tuesday night as loads of parents watch their kids in swimming lessons! I need a private pool! No, not really I just really struggle with this technique and actually have discovered it really is all about the breathing more than anything. You can do a very slow front crawl but if you can't get your breathing/arms ratio right it is a real struggle to do. It's one that needs more practice but by the end of the year I would really like to have a strong front crawl. 6 months to go which gives me plenty of time to get over all my hangups about splashing people in the face and swallowing way too much water as I try to take a breath!

This month I am doing something quite Instagram related. While I was in London a few weeks ago I met Amy from LITTLE HOUSE IN LONDON who runs a hugely successful Instagram Hashtag community #myhousethismonth. It has well over 150,000 posts, showing what a big community it is, which doesn't only introduce you to like minded people but it is actually a competition with amazing prizes!

So it is a month long photo challenge which gives you key words for each day's theme and you just post and tag and then can look what all your peers do, also. It is a thriving community, but as it has been years since I did any kind of Instagram photo challenge, I thought it would be great fun to spend this month doing another! 
That's what my own personal June challenge is for me and I am really looking forward to sharing all the photos next month so if you're not on Instagram you can see them anyway!

May gone, June going, we are already halfway through the year friends, which seems unbelievable. With the summer coming I am really looking forward to more sunshine and the school holidays!!


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