Wednesday, 8 March 2017

#Springbloomstour, Boden, Bloom&Wild & a dear friend.

I must say, I spend quite a few of my evenings just browsing the internet and looking at stuff (as we all do) of no real relevance, but a few weeks ago I just happened to be browsing the BODEN website when I scrolled down to see a very small advertisement for their Spring Blooms Tour which they have run in collaboration with letterbox flower company Bloom & Wild. It was an experience where you could buy a ticket for their hour long flower course where you would be taught to make a limited edition bouquet; The Johnnie (After Johnnie Boden). I quickly text the only person I knew who loved Boden as much as me and asked her if she wanted to join me! Within about 15 minutes of seeing the advert Kate and I were booked on and excitedly planning our trip to Nottingham having given ourselves a day off from parenting!
In the last couple of weeks I have seen both companies really pushing the tour on their social media channels and suddenly felt very privileged that I had seen it early enough to get a ticket. It was totally worth it!
Having not really thought about it I was really excited when Kate and I arrived in Nottingham, a day just for us with a real treat of an experience that was set to get our creative juices flowing was indeed something that we were both very much looking forward to. However, what I have actually got out of today was something that was a lot more than just learning about flowers on a beautiful bus (yes, that's what I have been doing) in fact, the time I have spent with Kate today talking about family, life, troubles, achievements and generally everything (we didn't stop) has brought me so much fulfillment that I feel like I am almost floating. We all know a good chat can absolutely heal the soul but Kate is infectious in her kindness and even as today is International Women's Day I could not have spent it with a more inspiring woman! She is a real good un'.
With that said, our experience on the BODEN bus was also fantastic and inspiring. Not only was the bus itself a true sight to behold, right in the centre of Nottingham, but the staff were so, so amazing. They were in good spirits, happy to help, and the florists from Bloom&Wild were really wonderful!
The idea is that on the top level of the bus is Boden's new occasion wear which you could browse and purchase with a helpful 20% off, then downstairs was a workbench ready for the lucky ticket holders who got the chance to make a bouquet.

Even though space was tight, understandably, it was a lovely hour faffing with some beautifully bold flowers creating our own individual bouquets to take home. Luckily, I have a great background in floristry so required little help, but the ladies were fab and worked really hard to support each person. It was their first class on the first day of the tour and they did a great job!
We left with flowers, a new notepad, a little voucher code and a huge sense of happiness in learning and loving our experience with Boden and Bloom & Wild.
I know that the tickets have all sold out, but that doesn't stop you getting on the bus over the next few days. They go to Birmingham, Bristol and Kingston (see here) so they might be worth seeking out!

Enjoy all the pictures:

All in all I feel so blessed that I was able to have such fun with a dear friend who has made me so happy today and we have decided that we are going to ditch the boys (only briefly) and plan more fun day trips like this one together!
Cheers Kate, here's to the next one!


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