Friday, 17 March 2017

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall #testingteam

I don't think I could have ever imaged the sensation that getting the children a bedroom mirror would cause. I think this one item has totally changed their perceptions of themselves and even made them think about the way they look. And this is not a negative. Our house is full of mirrors, but none at child height, so if they wanted to look at themselves we just lifted them up so they could peer and twill as any of us do. What this mirror has introduced is a more thorough understanding of themselves. 
When we put it upstairs, it just so happened that I had been getting the children changed and it was the funniest moment as Etta, who was naked at this point just went and stood in front of it and looked truly bemused, then impressed by what she saw. It was genuinely one of those funny moments just seeing her see her body from a different perspective. And what is still is that she has seen her naked reflection before. I think it was just that it was in their bedroom and almost a random thing to have happened. 
It is really becoming a tool for me though, to be able to help the kids get dressed more independently and check how they look. Raph with his school collar everywhere now stands and tries his hardest to pull it out properly and takes pride in it, like it is a wonderful achievement as he spins round and tells me that he has done it. Etta and her princess dresses also get a lot of attention from the mirror and I can see her experiencing feelings twirling in her dresses that I would get from twirling in mine. 

Now this mirror is from *my only go to* children's retailer Great Little Trading Company and with, like all the reviews we do as part of their testing team, I really try to look at things critically. And once again, they are really hard to criticise. This mirror is a perfect child height, it is not for adults so nowhere near full size, but for these little ones it is great. Having it on the triangle frame also is great as the kids maneuver it for how they want; it is very much theirs. I also love the shelf at the bottom for shoes or even bags. It is just a really nice piece that lends itself to the grey and white room. 

As with all GLTC items, their quality control is fab and everything that you need to assemble the piece is there in the box with clear instructions to help. 

As always, not only have GLTC become my go to for home/children's home & living items, they make it all make sense, it suits our home and everything always looks so bloody good!


*Post as part of our role as testing team!

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