Friday, 10 March 2017

Outfit Inspiration ft. VANS #Stealmystyle

I think if there is ever a thing I would swallow my words about it was that I used to say that you could never wear trainers casually. I will happily put my hands up and say that when trainers started to become fashionable, this "Sports Luxe", I was so unimpressed with the idea of wearing sneakers with normal clothes. But I can safely say I am the biggest convert and a girl who would once have reached for delicate ballet shoes now is in easy kicks almost every day. I find that trainers have opened up a whole world of cool styling and is a trend that is so in fashion that one should not worry what they team it with; everything goes. 
I have really noticed the rise in certain brands. From what was the classic white Converse, to last year's Adidas Stan Smith explosion, to now what I think is going to be one hot trend, VANS Old Skool in black.
If you follow me on PINTEREST you might have noticed my newest board all about styling these beauties. I think it is pinterest's fault as to why I have bought them really but I wanted to show you why I think these are a great investment and just how cool they look with everything.

Today I made it my goal to (very casually) style these trainers in 7 ways. Almost like a full week's worth of outfits just to show how casual and how dressy you can go with them for every day wear. 
With these trainers what I have found is that, regardless of newness of my items, taken straight out my wardrobe, they bring a very current feel to outfits. Not only do these VANS suit the style of the easy trainer trend we have all become familiar with, but with old and new items, they themselves make each outfit look on trend which means for me, they will mix into my wardrobe perfectly.

Enough chat really as it is the pictures that show them off. Here's how I am styling my new VANS Old Skools.

P L E A T E D  S K I R T S

E A S Y  J U M P E R S 

L A C E  B L O U S E

H O O D I E S 

C A R A M E L  C O A T


L E A T H E R  &  S U E D E

I hope these outfit ideas bring you some inspiration for dressing stylishly in trainers. I love these Old Skool Vans and at the moment I feel that they are going to be a really cool trend that I am so happy to follow along with.

What do you think about wearing trainers as a fashion statement?

Emily xx

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