Friday, 17 March 2017

Can You Wear Sliders? #Stealmystyle

When I first noticed sliders I must say that I only really associated them as more of a house shoe. Like a slipper almost, that a lot of people would only really wear in the house, but as fashion seems to show, this style of shoe has absolutely boomed onto the market in a range of styles showing that they are indeed not a house shoe but in fact an item that is catwalk appropriate.
It is a style that I have really noticed coming out with all the other spring/summer sandals that have recently hit the shelves and after seeing a few "unsporty" pairs, I had my head turned somewhat.

After my trip out to the BODEN Bus last week, I was able to walk away with a 20% off voucher which *was* going to just be popped on the sideboard and ignored but when a £10 gift voucher dropped through the door a few days later I was pulled towards flicking the website up!
Anyway, thinking about season change and saving a bit of money on practical things I thought I would purchase a pair of their new SLIDERS. The only problem was which style to choose! In the end I got these two pairs to try and see which went with more of my clothes. I was Automatically drawn to animal print but pink is a big trend colour this season and I thought with denim or simple white dresses they would look really pretty. So I thought I would share them with you so that you could help me decide. Which would you wear? Or would you opt for some of my selections further down the page??

These are some styles of sliders I particularly love!

(Pictures from corresponding websites)


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