Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Stepping Out In The Natural World Ft. Joules + 20% Off

We all get that feeling as soon as the sun begins to warm us that it is time to freshen our wardrobes. Going out becomes a must and enjoying viewing all of nature's beauty becomes a daily occurrence for all of us as we enjoy the views around our homes. I'm sure most of us have daffodils near by. They pop up everywhere and are a real sign to trust that warmer weather is on the way. Their bright yellow heads really reminds us that there is a special kind of joy to come and one that we all very much enjoy; the sunshine. 
Finding new and summer friendly clothing comes to the forefront of our minds. A lot of that is to do with advertising as it is the natural point where the clothing seasons change and with that brings a gust of wanting new and improved pieces that make our life easier. For me the biggest change is leaving boots behind. Let's be serious; jumpers and coats are still quite necessary in springtime but I do phase out wearing boots and thick socks, so the transformation into lighter smaller shoes is my biggest change now.
Joules, a pioneer in Chelsea boot fashion has been lucky enough to partner up with the wonderful Natural World, a fully eco-friendly, ethical Spanish footwear brand who are making beautiful canvas plimsolls which are made 100% from natural products. These shoes are also vegan friendly which really pops them on a pedestal showing how accessible they are. 

But what's the point? Is there a need for these shoes in your life? When I was asked to try a pair and share them to the blog at first I felt that: Yeah, they were just another pair of shoes. Yes they were incredibly comfortable, very soft and their strawberry scent was a quirky feature but did I truly care about them being eco-friendly? When the kids put theirs on though I began to get this twinging feeling. I felt they looked gorgeous, in fact watching them pull them on themselves I felt that it was a real moment of nature; their growing up, their want to take them outside, to climb and play and to explore, to be part of the world. That then got me thinking about how lovely it was that these shoes are made from products that our children long to be near. 

Stepping out into the world is where we all long to be. Like I said earlier, signs of spring draw us all out and our souls yearn to be with nature, to watch the season change. We take pleasure in seeing the blossoms appear so when you have the opportunity to step out, do so!

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*This post is sponsored by Joules

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