Friday, 25 January 2019

How To Wear A Trench Coat 3 Ways!

This BODEN Trench Coat and the BODEN Ankle Boots were both GIFTED for advertisement.

I am really excited to start sharing outfit ideas this year and hope to offer you a lot more ideas than usual. I am going to try to share 3 ideas per post to give you more inspiration and also to show that any one item can be more versatile than you think. 

My first fashion post of 2019 and it is a good one. We come into January and just about every single shop has a sale on. Every single shop also has new spring/summer items to really tease out their ideas of what is to come. For me, I am so far away from thinking about dresses in any spring/summer wardrobe items, I am still layering up in my jumpers, but it is nice to get that glimpse and start to imagine the warm weather creeping back into our lives. 
For me, spring is a great time of year for dresses and that is really going to be my focus for the next few months. I want to share ideas for when we can begin to lose a layer of clothing and maybe not have to head out in a scarf, hat and gloves.

To kick start us into spring fashion I want to focus on the trustworthy Trench Coat. This is always the time of year that you will see this style of coat come out. Midi in length, usually in colours from the lighter brown family and with a double breast cut and belt. This is a classic trench coat and one which you will find in a lot of people's wardrobes. For many, it is the spring time staple and traditionally slightly waterproof to combat the change from winter to those spring April showers.
 It is a practical jacket for when it gets warmer, usually associated with more formal wear but today I want to share with you a smart, casual and dressy look with this one BODEN TRENCH COAT

Let's dive right in and talk about my casual look. You can't get simpler that a t-shirt, jeans, ankle boots and of course the TRENCH to finish it off.

What I love about this is that it is 100% practical. Not only are these BOOTS the most comfortable boots ever but to be able to pull on jeans and a tee and feel "together" is everything I need on a busy morning!

My next idea is one for smarter days, useful for work or the smart/casual events.


Any kind of blouse with black trousers instantly makes me feel smarter. For those days when you are working or maybe just need a more professional finish opt for something sleek and throw a Trench on. The cut is always smart and it neatens up every outfit. It is also tres chic so just pop one on and feel powerful!

My final outfit is a show stopper. I love layering dresses over jeans so for those special events, or just to feel super fashionable, scroll on!


Yep, this is me this outfit. I think truly. A bit of colour, something floaty, jeans (always) block heeled shoes, yes, the list goes on but that is because even though this is the most faffy outfit in a way it is the one I love the most!
Not only does the bright red dress complement the fantastic lining of this coat which we haven't even spoken about yet, but it is a colour that really suits me and when a colour suits you, it shows! I love layering dress or tunics over trousers. I've found that I love anything longer covering my mid section, that's why I always opt for long jumpers or blouses I think, but this (even though it is very low cut and I had to go bra-less) would be a really comfortable outfit for me! 
Layered with the trench on top this outfit would work for so much. I think the only think I wouldn't wear it to was a wedding, maybe without the jeans though it would be great for that!

My point is, we all have different tastes, and other people could style this better than me but this is the way I like to dress and if you can find your own inspiration from this and feel confident about the way you dress then I am glad I shared it.



  1. Great outfit shots - really love the red dress and jeans! How did you find the sizing on the Boden jeans - mixed reviews online!

    1. I find different cuts of their it differently but my usual size in these were tighter, comfortable for me, but tighter if that makes sense. The red dress does look great, such a nice style! Em x

  2. Everything about the jacket seemed fine. Quality leather, fit, color etc.The style is classic, yet modern, timeless, casual and very cool. High quality and very well crafted/constructed. Designer jackets


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