Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Welcome to 2019, a new year for us all.

Like all well made plans, my plan to round up before Christmas didn't happen. First time in four years isn't bad, but I did feel guilty leaving the blog hanging in limbo with no year's round up. However, life happens and as I am sure you readers are aware, real life is more important. Anyway, here I am, I gave myself the 7th Jan as the official start back day and yesterday I spent my day writing emails, taking photos and just working in this social media world. Back at it I seem eager to be writing again and feel I have a lot to talk about and share which is a great place to be at the beginning of the year!
For me, taking the break over Christmas was needed for how our family works. Plenty of days were spent just at home when I could have been writing but then I wouldn't have been watching movies and eating cheese and chocolate {not at the same time}. You see, I need to stop as my family needs me. Rob took two weeks off, the kids were off and actually, I needed to be off. 
That all said, there is an element of feeling like I am missing out. I have been seeing everyone else's blog posts appear and it is wonderful to see everyone's eagerness to start the year well, maybe my dates were a little delayed but I am here now!
So Christmas, New Year, how were your seasonal holidays? Don't you find that we all have such different experiences. The richness of how we celebrate life is one of those things that perplexes me. I mean it is hard to make everyone happy at Christmas but working out what is best for you as a family has always been my drive. Still, things get missed, stress can occur all because we can focus all our time into one day forgetting that we have a whole few weeks for the celebration to continue. I have spoken about this on Instagram before but appreciating that all my readers are hear from different platforms I must remember that I don't always write it down in a blog.
Christmas for me needs to run over, it can't be for one day with all hopes and dreams pinned on it being perfect. Give yourself room to move I say, let time be your friend and drag those seasonal shenanigans out as much as possible. I mean, I was meant to take the tree down on Sunday {Epiphany} and I am looking at it right now still proudly stood in the corner! Best made plans and all! Everything else is away mind, even the decorations, but he is there with his lights on and just the star at the top reminding me that everyone has now made it to the stable in Bethlehem and the star has done its duty. Take the fella down!

New year's, another good reason to enjoy company; this year I nearly bailed as I could happily stay home but we went to my Mum's for dinner and actually stayed a couple of nights which was really good for us. Then really, we just filled in our time with movies {more than ever}, a few walks and just being at home.
As I have shared quite a few pictures to Instagram over the season I thought I would add some into this post. Again, I want you all to access them as I love taking pictures and it just gives you a little insight into my life. Remember though, I don't take pictures of mess but it happened!

Keep tuned in. This year I hope to focus on my writing more than ever!


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