Thursday, 24 January 2019

What Are My Home Comforts In January!

It's January, one of the most miserable months of the year. Read on to find out what keeps me happy and cosy!

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Here we are, over halfway through January and it's that time when everything is still looking a bit bleak. How are we gonna combat that? For me, there are certainly a few things that I cannot live without at this time of year and I thought I would share that with you. 

Warmth; No surprise there, but my need comes from a very specific source of heat, our wood burning stove. Oh I need this in my life, it is one of my favourite things in our house, and it is something I can never imagine living without. This time of year it is on everyday and often all day. Not only is it nice to have to prepare the fire yourself but watching it burn away warms more than just the skin. It is almost like a therapy. A real comfort to our home and a real comfort to me.

Fairy Lights; the one thing that never goes away after Christmas. There is something about the soft tiny fairy lights that really brings a comfort to the home. It's like the only thing that legitimately can hang about way into January and beyond without house guests thinking you are super lazy at putting the Christmas decorations away! Lighting is also really key to setting a scene, I think, as these are so soft they really warm up a room and I like being cosy in January!

Tea; many cups, very often. Enough said. 

Chunky Jumpers; In the post Christmas month I really seem to develop an affinity for jumpers. In fact, it is jumpers everyday. Blouses are away and I literally live in a vest and jumper. I love it. It seems so appropriate at this time of year. Whether I am wearing a skirt or jeans, jumpers are a necessity. Also they keep me warm, much like the feelings I get from all my home comforts!!

Socks; January often seems to be the month when bare feet do not appear. No party shoes to wear means trainers and boots only. I now have quite a selection of sparkly socks and feel they make me feel more fancy so I like to crack them out this time of year!

January is a time when you can make plans to meet people in the coming weeks and months and that brings me a lot of comfort. It is almost like life starts again with a more free diary than usual and time to make fun plans.

January brings me to our home, our centre, to where warmth and love strive. What are your home comforts this months? Similar to mine?


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