Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Letting In The Light

This year, choose to grow in happiness because not much else is possible without it. 

When it is dark there is a real struggle to go out. The dark evenings really affect all of us and through the winter months I am sure dinner time gets earlier and earlier as we want to settle down as soon as we are in from work. Our bodies also reflect this darkness in the winter, we can become lost in social media as there seems to be simply nothing else to do on a evening and naturally we eat more and crave that comfort. This, for some, is fine, they are quite happy with that hibernation process, but for others it can sit really uncomfortably on their head and heart. Not going out, feeling unworthy through constant comparison with others from social media and even pilling on a few pounds can lead to a spin in life dysmorphia. Quite quickly in winter I feel that we have a natural tendency to feel a little more depressed or even flatter than usual. I see it happen to me but luckily I have in place a few exercise classes that get me out of the house late eve so I have to embrace the dark. It is hard though, as soon as 4 o'clock comes round we have to fight that inability to really close off from the world.

For me, light has always been a strange source of energy. Obviously daylight is for all of us, that is why we all love the summer and how much you seem to achieve in a day; double the amount really as compared to a winter's one! But light is key in my mental well being and luckily, this can easily be man made. Isn't it weird how fairy lights at Christmas time makes everyone happy? I keep my fairy lights up all year round. Why? So they make me happy all year round. Never before have I burned candles like I have done this year. It has been a constant, and multiple ones at the same time. I wrote about filling you home with candlelight before {HERE} and find it incredibly emotional. Candle light offers instant smiles. Tell me I am wrong, but the moment that glow starts up, I feel an ease. 
Also, finding time to embrace the light that we get for a short amount in the day also can boost your energy. Some of you work more than me but even a 60 second pause at the window with a few deep breaths will bring a peace that I think, if done often, will really positively affect your mood. 

This morning I didn't have to do the school run which meant I could clean up instead. I know, what a great switch, right? But in all honestly, I felt so at peace because the morning sun was just pouring in through the windows and everything was golden. It lasted for a few hours, pretty much the whole time I cleaned, but it completely transformed my morning. More so as it made happy, cleaning satisfied me and as the organised space was full of light I became so empowered in emotions. So much so I sat down to write this post so it must have really inspired me. 

All I know is this though, whether it is the small bit of daylight or the candle burning in the dark, bring that light into your soul and it can heal all sorts of doubts. It can make things so much clearer and it can lift you more than you realise. Staying in and hibernating is great, but don't spiral into doubts of worth; your worth is immeasurable and even now when you may feel alone or down or just flat after a day's work, find a way to bring in some light.


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