Thursday, 10 January 2019

New Year, Same Old Me {Resolutions Time?}

Do you need a New Year's Resolution?

One day into 2019 and I was still enjoying the chocolates. That day we went on a walk and in the evening we enjoyed a takeaway curry. There was nothing new there. January is naturally the start of the year and the time when we all take a good long look at ourselves. Some of us become determined to change that image, some of us are at peace with our own reflection. What does the new year mean?

For me, for the first time, I am not making a resolution. Sometimes if I say my plans out loud I never come to completing them so really I am wondering if I just try to implement small changes here and there to make me feel better about my lifestyle. 
Having now blogged for 4 and a half years I have written a few posts on resolutions but can't say any of them have changed my life or been something that I stuck at for the year. Did I fail or did I just not do it right for me? I suppose this year got me thinking about what I need to do, but for the long run. Less screen time, more reading, fewer chocolate digestives; that's probably just about everyone's list because really now, feeling a bit more grown up, I think I understand more about the point of new years. It's not to create a new you; what was wrong with the 'you' 1 minute before midnight on the 31st? It is actually to restart you. That first wake up on the 1st January is just a reminder that there is one whole year ahead of you that hasn't got any real day to day plans. It is one whole year for you to enjoy life, do and see things that make you happy. That morning we get a fresh reminder that something in life will change and that some things in life will never change. There is still the laundry pile waiting and food needing to be cooked. Work deadlines, bills, life still goes on but I suppose it's all in this new year, and you know what, I can tackle it. 
Sometimes the way I look at it could make the new year seem like something looming; A time when I need to out perform the last year's version of myself but then I realised I just don't. 
I just don't.

This year I hope to keep healthy, I hope our car lives a bit longer, I hope we make it back to Italy, I hope to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary with a big party!! All these hopes that will come along and be fulfilled because it is 2019 and the year is long and I am ready to be in it! 

I want to change all sorts about myself but I don't need to put that down on paper, I just need to make the changes within me and hope that 2019 is fruitful in ways I could never have expected. A year I can learn from and enjoy as much as those that have passed.

Much love this new year, friends.


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