Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Vintage cameras are what should be on every child's Christmas list!

Gosh I have done it. Mentioned Christmas and we are just into September. Don't worry, it is not really a themed post but my email inbox has been recently filling up with "Christmas wishlist" suggestions and I suppose that, in itself, has got me thinking about winter time. Something which has become one of our kids favourite toys recently was some cheap old cameras I got off ebay and I just wanted to share them with you as a little inspiration. I think in this day and age we know that it is the tech toys that are the most popular and that children of younger ages are also getting flashing and screen based toys to entertain them. However, these cameras which have winders (yes they are that old) are toys that are really entertaining our kids at the moment. I can't remember what it was that made me think about getting some but once I had seen a few floating about on ebay I knew I wanted to pick up a few for our kids to quite simply play with. What a tool for filling imagination. Really. They are the perfect toy for our two and they have been used in all sorts of games. Whether they are playing exploring, just playing with cars or being at home feeding baby, these cameras are picked up and played with in conjunction with their imaginative games they are already playing. What a fab tool to get children to express themselves. 

With these cameras, they have their own cases and fab straps so the kids just pop them round their necks and head off. They have no films in them but as far as I know they are still in working condition. They all have a winder which works without the film in and a clicker so that they can pretend to take pictures. 

They are so gorgeous and with older children, you could get some old cameras so they could actually take pictures, and you don't need to worry about damage. There are loads on ebay and you can pick up a real bargain so if there is one thing to get your kids this Christmas; get them a play camera!


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