Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Embrace Your Baggage!

Being a parent and one who likes to look stylish, finding a happy medium of bags that offer practicality and prettiness is actually quite hard. I can't remember buying my first piece by Cath kidston but I know it was when I was a student as I had one of her box bags for my books, and then when I started working in schools I used a lot of her bits and pieces. That was 10 years ago now so it is most certainly a brand I have been hooked on for a long time. I remember one of my most favourite pieces was my first Nappy bag from them. A friend bought it as a gift for me and it was a beautiful dark green/teal colour with flowers all over it. Very classic, very practical and it served its purpose for both our kids.
Nowadays I actually struggle more as we are at a stage when we don't necessarily need a nappy bag as such, but spare clothes, baby wipes and bottles of water are still quite a necessity.
The kids have plenty of back packs which they could have all their own items in but that means me then relying on them taking them everywhere and all parents know, they only carry their own stuff for so long before they palm it off onto the donkey to carry!!

At the moment, I am loving having a small bag as my handbag, I started to downsize a few years ago and go for much smaller bags so that they can be just thrown on and have all immediate necessities to hand rather than having to rummage for them.

My Forest Rose Folio Bag is perfect for my phone, purse and keys; that is all I need in it. Then my camera, child related stuff and other random pieces of toys and Lego go into my Peony Blossom Backpack which means if I am just popping out I can grab my handbag and for bigger excursions I have my backpack ready!
This is the perfect combination for at the moment until the next stage in my life where I would need no nappy bag or potentially a very full one!

*Post in collaboration with Cath Kidston who have gifted me these products.


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