Thursday, 1 September 2016

Being out of routine: the end is nigh!

It is amazing. I started with all these great ideas about how easy blogging would be through the summer holidays and I find myself really struggling to keep up, or even wanting to write. It isn't about the wanting really, it is just that each day is new and undecided; no routine drives to school, swimming lessons or even scheduled 'out days' just randomly deciding what should be done each day as it approaches. It is amazing how being out of a routine completely changes your whole outlook of work and to do lists. I think it is really a time thing. If I know I have those 6 hours to do x,y and z then I am really good at being organised. But within the holiday time, when in fact time doesn't matter I have become so very disoganised! I mean, I don't think the house has been hoovered in 3 weeks now, 3 weeks!! I keep thinking, it will just get messy more quickly than usual if I keep trying to clean! I hope others are with me on that, and that I have not just lost my domestic queen crown!
For me also, and I am sure many of you, I burn out if I try and do loads of activities with the kids. We all want to entertain them and spend time with them all holiday but it almost becomes like an obsession to be taking them off each day and trying to occupy them.
I have found that more days since we came back from holiday we have been at home. We have so much stuff, a garden, films and books galore and I think I am just tired of putting my make up on and heading out. Home is sweet sometimes and I am enjoying being happy in our 4 walls. 



  1. I've been feeling exactly the same! It's so much harder to keep organised and on track in the summer. I find I just want to make spontaneous plans everyday and get out and about (or stay at home with a book if I feel like it). I'm actually looking forward to the return of autumn and my regular routine, much as I loved summer! Miranda xxx

    1. Miranda, i inow what you mean. I just had to give up in the end even though I tried. Summer has been fab though, glad I didnt stress about it and enjoyed our days out as well as the ones at home! Emily x

  2. Hello, I have come across your lovely blog via Instagram. Looking forward to reading more xx


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