Saturday, 3 September 2016


It is one of our regular Saturday morning activities to get out our large play mat, tip the Lego box out and spend a good couple of hours Master Building! Recently, Raph received a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine for his birthday. As soon as we built it, both Emily and I said: ''We need to Kragle that!'' 
It is such a cool toy! However, on our Saturday morning building sessions I usually ask the kids what they'd like to make and sometimes we'll download instructions and follow them. It is usually just me making something awesome for 2 hours, then Raph taking it apart to ''customise'' it (in the words of the A-Team). I love following Lego instructions, (but I usually cut a lot of corners, they make things very complicated sometimes when they needn't be) but Raph is much more happy doing his own thing. Etta is similar, She received a Disney's Frozen Castle, we made it, then it was dismantled very quickly. This morning Emily and I started reconstructing the Mystery machine. As a fly-on-the-wall it must've looked funny seeing 2 adults rummage around their Lego box for a pale blue Lego 1-piece to finish the roof. 
Get to the point Rob! Well, it's great fun making the MM and it looks awesome and drives about, but the fun kind of stops there. So as much as Emily and I want to ''Kragle'' it, I think we're much happier when the roof's detached and wheels are used to make the next piece of Master Building! 

The Kragle is a powerful superweapon used by Lord Business in The Lego Movie

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