Thursday, 8 September 2016

*FuN fAiR*

If there is one thing I didn't imagine us doing this summer it was enjoying the joys of a travelling fun fair. I think some people, Like Rob, are quite conscious of them, seeing signs and regularly attending as a child. I remember going to very few fairs. With having so many siblings, going to a fun fair probably filled my parents with horror, not only that they could lose one of us, but that the cost would have been phenomenal. I do however remember one very specifically, but I must have only been about 6, maybe younger, and it was probably my first time at a fun fair. I remember absolutely loving the fast rides and spinning on the waltzers with my mum (I think). Whatever it was it definitely ignited a passion in me for fast rides and roller coasters which are something I love going on, yet none of my other siblings really do. However, back to my original point, I never notice them particularly as I don't ever really think about taking the kids. On this occasion we only went because we were driving back to Sheringham beach in Norfolk for one last dip of the summer, and Rob said that he had seen signs advertising one in East Ruston, which is just along the coastline heading towards Cromer. 
At this point it was about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and we weren't going to be doing anything for very long. The kids were already asleep after a busy day so when we came up and found the site, it seemed like a great way to finish off the bank holiday weekend.

As I said the kids were fast asleep, so when we woke them up and they looked out the window to see where we were they were so excited, and immediately we were out of the car running towards everything that lit up. 
It was a 99p a ride place so we had our pennies all ready for the multiple turns of the kids merry-go-rounds and bumper cars.

From a photography point of view, the sun was setting and it was a big open field which was really quiet, so it really was a perfect setting for snapping some pictures of the kids.
The sun's light just seems to bounce around everywhere and catch on the sides of the frames and I love how it puts that gorgeous glaze over everything. No filters here, just gorgeous natural lighting (OK, I added some contrast) which really resembles summer to me. And what a place to finish a holiday, having the sun beating down and you spin around at stupid speed enjoying that carnival atmosphere.

These pictures are quite magical to me and even though the kids are all smiley faces, we had a fair share of tantrums and tears as we actually said the words 'no' to some things. It didn't spoil it though, just solidified our extreme happiness at being together and rounded off our 2nd trip to Norfolk really magically.

What was your magic, happy moment over the summer?


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