Thursday, 4 June 2015

Yellow roses and pallet wood signs.

It isn't often that I have yellow flowers in this house. Needless to say, it isn't a colour that I often think would suit my style but having put them in place I am so glad I bought them.
I have been feeling a bit uninspired with our mantle piece recently. You will know from reading the blog that I used to change it quite regularly. It was almost like a mood board of seasonal change mixed up with changing the different accessories and just keeping it fresh. I have felt a bit flat about it all really and suppose hit a bit of a block with what to do next. Needless to say I don't think I have done much except change the flowers on it for a couple of months.
Whilst Etta was asleep today, I could feel myself itching to do something that wasn't washing and I quite quickly felt inspired to use some pallet wood that was chopped and ready to use. Opening our cupboards, I had the wooden letters staring at me and it has just all come together.

I drew around the letter template in pencil and then painted them with the first pot of paint I came across! I was not precious about the lines and just slapped the paint on and popped it out to dry. Within 20 minutes of it being in the sun, it was dry. As I didn't want the perfect look I then used sand paper and rubbed over all of the paint, lifting some of it off. It gives a very distressed look which suits the simple arrangement I have made.

After fiddling with the yellow roses I settled on using a couple of vases (and not my usual Garden Trading jugs) to display them on both sides of the mantle piece.

Have courage is a phrase that has stuck with me since hearing it in the new Disney Cinderella film. It is actually 'Have courage and be kind' but I would have ended up with a sign double the size if I'd done that. Still it is a nice reminder each day to have courage in what we do.

I love that this really brings an element of joy into the house, I think it's the colour yellow that does it; makes it just feel so sunny inside!

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