Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Messy hair, tutus and a BIG thank you to Angel's Face.

Can you believe how pretty these are? Talk about that inbuilt girly excitement that bubbles out of you when you receive parcels with such gorgeous little packages in! I was just beaming when I unwrapped the brown paper that these boxes came in! Thank you to Angel's Face that have gifted Giulietta these most beautiful items!

Angel's Face are producing some of the fullest and fluffiest tutus around and in the range of colours they have, they would be able to offer a colour to suit any occasion. I love the layers of ultra soft tutu netting that pile up and make these skirts extra flouncy. As a lover of tutus, not just for little girls but also for myself, I have definitely become quite critical especially when tutus arrive and seem a bit flat. I love that bundle of ruffle that all these tutus have. Surely that's the point, that almost can-can-esk effect of just netting everywhere!

This beautiful dark grey tutu is perfect for our little lady, and to match it, Angles Faces sent through a beautiful cardigan. What a lovely piece to match. Not only is it a perfect colour (a massive lover of grey myself) it has such gorgeous details in the gem buttons and diamanté angel's wings on the back. Beautifully sparkly and perfect for the summer parties and weddings that may be coming up!

We also got a pair of beautiful gold shoes; they are a little too big for Etta right now but as the skirt is age 1-3 she has plenty of time to grow into them and for them to be worn with her skirt. These shoes are so pretty with the matching ribbons to tie around the ankles. They are robust like proper shoes rather than ballet shoes and are just covered in glitter so most little girls will absolutely love them!

Thank you once again to Angel's Face, you are producing some beautiful designs and filling little girls' wardrobes with a touch of magic everywhere!

If you want to enjoy this experience for yourselves, head over to Angel's Face now!

Etta just loved it all!

NB Little boys whose feet do fit in the sparkly shoes will probably also enjoy wearing them!

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