Friday, 19 June 2015

More stripes and leopard print sandals

I know, I know, it's like outfit repeating but in different colour combinations! You may have seen similar posts before but as I have said, my love for denim and stripes goes deep. You will be seeing me in these a lot! The key parts to this combination are all by Joules. It's nice buying from them again as I hadn't for a while until this season. I suppose it was a classic situation where you get a new store open in Lincoln and all of a sudden everywhere you look someone is in Joules. I guess they just didn't appeal to me for a while but boy have they pulled me back! This fluorescent striped top and sandals are just perfect for me. I love a bit of bright every so often and I am in love with this kind of sandals after purchasing my Birkenstocks last year. These are in a very similar style but have the fab leopard print on them. I just love it as a combination and they would look great with blue or white jeans too!
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