Thursday, 25 June 2015

Picnic planning for days out with Brita

Heading into the summer I can only think of one thing; getting outside and enjoying the weather. I love sunny days and time spent out the house. Whether it's out on family picnics, long days on the beach or general trips to the park, as the weather gets warmer there are always a few essentials that need to come out with us. I find that having a bag ready to go for those last minute trips always is a good idea. You only need a few essentials and then you can pick up the fresh bits and be off. I love my extra large Cath Kidston bags; they are always prepped with swim gear and with picnic blankets accessible so it only takes me to pack a picnic and grab the drinks and we are off.
I find one of our biggest concerns is always the sun and having 2 fair-haired little ones always makes us conscious of protecting their skin and keeping them hydrated. It is so easy as adults to forget to drink enough water so for our children, I am sure time goes by without them asking for a drink and we ourselves can forget to give it to them.

When you go out for the day I always worry that the children's drink bottles do not hold enough water. If we are not near somewhere where you can refill them it means carrying around huge bottles that just become heavy. This is where Brita pretty much step up to the plate. Their fill and go bottles are a great size for taking out on day trips and even though they are big for kids, they are easy to hold and drink from. They hold a lot of water and as it is all filtered through the carbon filter in the lids it tastes fresh and makes it enjoyable to drink. I love the practicality of them. Throw them all in a bag and just get on with the day. They really are easy and it is a case of just filling up and going!

With tennis rackets packed and rugs rolled up, I am now hoping for the warm weather and quiet weeks where we can get out and enjoy ourselves. Here's to the outdoors and enjoying what the British summer has to offer!

Thank you to Brita who have gifted us these bottles for our many days out over the summer!
If you would like to purchase a Fill & Go click HERE.
Post by Emily


  1. Thank you for this. Great idea! I'm off to Amazon to purchase! : )

  2. Thank you for this. Great idea! I'm off to Amazon to purchase! : )


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