Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Colourful coat hangers for props and gifts

I thought I would share a quick idea with you all as I have been so pleased with the result!
I picked up a pack of wooden coat hangers from Primark for £2.50 last week and decided to make them a bit more individual by painting them. I didn't want to cover the whole thing so I masking taped some markers to paint up to. I used a range of pastel coloured paints that I had sat in the cupboard and just painted the area I had marked off. This was a little project I did once the kids had gone to bed and Rob was out playing cricket! I had the tv on and it was nice just standing and painting. I hung them on a clothes airer to dry and then peeled the tape off. They look fab for something that was so easy to do.
You could bundle them together and theme the colours to give as a gift. Or if you love taking fashion photos or pictures of your clothes (like me) then use them to hang up your items as they look really smart as a prop for photos.
Whatever you choose to do, these are a lovely little diy project that didn't cost a lot but could have a beautiful effect if you had a load hanging in your wardrobe! Happy painting!


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  1. coat hanger and created a new and exciting piece of furniture from an original idea.


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