Friday, 19 June 2015

Art, Instagram and Cheryl Rawlings

I am not one to enter giveaways on social media platforms but recently I have entered a couple and they have really paid off. 
Cheryl Rawlings is an amazing artist who seems to specialise in exquisite hand written pictures. She has a written form that is just so stylish and she creates these wonderful pieces of typography. She was running a giveaway which I entered and won. I received a beautiful bespoke poster that Cheryl had drawn. I had come up with what I wanted to go on it and Cheryl took it from there. After sending me a few choices of styles, which were pretty much impossible to pick between, I settled for this version. 
I decided to go for something French due to my absolute love for all things a bit Frenchy and came upon this phrase, 'L'amour triomphe de tout' which translates to 'love Conquers all'.
I felt for us and our home this was pretty perfect. It's a phrase that has always been in our lives due to our spiritual beliefs but it also serves as a reminder as to how we should always act.
After framing it I decided that it is probably going to be one of those pieces that moves around the house. I didn't want to put it in one place yet as I wanted to enjoy moving it around with other displays. 

Cheryl is always producing gorgeous pieces of art. You should check out her Instagram page and if you like the style and if you want to talk to her about a design why not drop her an email at

Post by Emily

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