Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Waistcoats, moccasins and children who hold my hands.

As I grow up I am learning so much about key pieces. I used to love just having a wardrobe full of clothes but now I am preferring spending slightly more and buying less. I hope that with that thought I am getting what I really want and a good quality version of it.
Sleeveless jackets are all the rage at the moment and just about every store has versions of a chiffon or thin material version. These are great for the height of summer when you can just where a tee or strappy top and enjoy the floaty fabric against your skin. I like them, but other than in August, I probably wouldn't wear one and it definitely wouldn't actually be a cost effective purchase for me. As I do love the sleeveless style I decided to invest in a thicker Helene Berman waistcoat. I felt that I am more likely to wear this in the early spring and into the autumn when it is still that bit cooler. I got mine from ASOS but it sold out quite quickly and I cannot find another. I will keep my eyes peeled and post links as soon as possible. I suppose this post just offers an idea as to how to wear one. I love it with the rolled up jeans, mules and this stripped top; it is a perfect spring to summer look. I have a big thing for stripes and blue and find that my wardrobe is full of pretty much the same thing!
The kids are just wearing bits we have featured before. Primark has been great for cheap summer items and they have a few in this nice soft denim so Etta has had some treats from there. We are still loving little shoe slippers from Wolfie + Willow and Inch Blue. The kids spend hours in them and they wear so beautifully.

Unfortunately the kids didn't really seem up for having their photos taken on this day so they are a bit clingy!

I wore; Helene Berman waistcoat, Primark cotton jersey tee, Primark skinny jeans, Marks and Spencer Shoes
Raphael wore; Part of a set by Next, older River Island mac, Primark shirt, Inch Blue shoes
Etta wore; old long sleved vest, Primark jumpsuit, Wolfie + Willow shoes

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