Friday, 5 June 2015

Bank Holiday Jousting

With a 3 year old who loves waving a sword around, what better way to spend last bank holiday Monday than a trip to Lincoln Castle to see a real medieval joust!
I had seen that the joust was on over the whole weekend with lots of medieval extras to attract visitors into the newly refurbished Castle. We headed up after lunch as I new our two littleies wouldn't truly exploit all that there was to offer due to their age and with the Joust being the pinnacle of the day; I thought it best to go up for that really! The castle had all its medieval tents up and people were there 'living' in a way we once did. I love all the old canvas tents. I think; "I could live in one of them", and then I realise, "no wait, where can I charge my phone?".

In the main ring squires were dressing their knights in full battle armour. It was some of the most fantastic displays of shiny metal I have seen in a while. It all gleamed in the light and made it so real for Raph who was able to see a real knight, almost story book style.

Heading into the children's area Raphael went off to practise his precision jousting and then on to some major archery practise. Etta, a little too young really, enjoyed throwing bean bags at the castle, tantruming, and being held by Rob or me!!

After exhausting the archery, we wandered to the main ring where the joust was soon to take place. Dotted around the grounds were a medical tent with a doctor giving lots of information on medieval practice. Also, there was falconry with very regal looking birds and a music tent with people there sharing their knowledge of medieval instruments.

The joust is what we were all there to see though and as the knights rode in of their dressed horses you could feel everyone getting a little excited as we all experienced that fairy tale feeling of what was playing before our eyes!
Raphael watched them ride round the ring but quite quickly spotted other little 'knights' playing with swords and running up and down the hill and he was off!
Rob and I watched the joust (and Raph) and loved the battle between the 4 knights! It was a great display and a nice historic reenactment to witness at our home town's castle.

We were planning on going around the castle and seeing all the new features but we felt the kids were going to be too little and with the double pushchair felt that it would probably result in us getting stressed and getting no benefit. Rob and I are going to wander down to the bail for breakfast one Saturday and then come and have a better look! An idea that I like the sound of very much!

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