Monday, 1 June 2015

Country Kitchen Crate

As a fan of always trying to re-use and recycle vintage objects I found myself pondering on making a play station for the children. I always knew I wanted to use a crate for it as it would then match the children's toy crates that we already have. It just took me a while to think of the design. Once I had the vision in my mind I knew that whatever I made I didn't want to to be just one thing, like a kitchen, but the children could use their imagination to turn it into whatever they wanted. It was always going to be primarily a kitchen and it was always going to have pots and pans on it so really, it is a kitchen that they can change into a shop or desk depending on what they are playing.
The amazing thing about this unit is that it can be completely personalised. Etta loves putting things away. Placing them, taking them off the shelves, putting them back on the shelves; she loves it. I knew we needed to make a shelf in the crate so Rob got some pallet wood and some thinner battens and added that to the inside. I also knew that I wanted some kind of splash back so that the kids wouldn't push things off the back. So again, Rob used a piece of pallet wood and screwed a length to the back.
Making the curtains was easy; I just hopped on my sewing machine and sewed them, but you could just use pinking sheers and cut them rather than sewing. Rob them put a dowel of wood across the top that we attached with screws after we had threaded the curtain across.
That was all the wood work we did. He also put 4 castors on the bottom so it glides around. It isn't tricky, and like I said, you can tailor it to what your child likes.
After adding a few cup hooks to the sides for spoons and vintage pans it resembles a kitchen unit but if the kids wanted to put their till on top it could easily be a shop.

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