Monday, 15 June 2015

Have you had one? You know, those moments that touch your heart?

I found myself being treated to so many little lovely moments from my children the other day. There was just something about them; they were just so unbelievably cute. It all started with a bit of bouncing on the bed after photographing Etta in her new tutu and it just developed in cuteness from there!
We had such a lovely day at home and as it was sunny; I was outside weeding the garden and the kids just moved around me. It all culminated with the watering of the plants and I just had to share the pictures of it. They were just captivated, running back and forth to get more water, then just pouring it on the flower beds.

I think what pulled at my heart with these photos was just the happiness of my children. I just stood watching as they poured water; they were in their own little world and were just beautiful to watch.

Sorry for the soppy post, thought friends and family would especially enjoy it!

Post by Emily

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