Thursday, 4 June 2015

Ripped jeans and sporty sandals.

Heading into the warmer weather only means one thing: Sandal Season is coming!! I always joke that my favourite types of items are boots, coats and sandals. I think if you spend your money well on all theses items you only need jeans and some nice jumpers and you're sorted!! I however also have lots in between because I love shopping but in reality, I need to be better at buying less!
This season's sandals have become a very practical item to own. There are not as many of the petite glitzy ones but more chunky soled. Lots of straps and blander colours are all seriously trending on the high street. Clarks shoes gifted me this pair and they are wonderful, thick soled with good ankle straps and in soft nubuck; pretty perfect for everyday strolling! They are part of their Artisan collection, not skimping on style and still very luxurious! I love the black. I have teamed them with some old grey jeans, which are my favourite pair at the minute and this pretty H&M tshirt for this casual look. This is perfect day wear for any sort of woman really. Those saturdays when you want to be nice and casual or even for running about town and keeping cool in the warmer weather. The sandals give you that chic sporty look and the baggy but jewelled tee adds a bit of "I do care what I look like" edge to it!

Fancy the footwear? Click HERE!

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