Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Weight loss, well being and trying to eat well.

This is my second post on how I am improving the way I eat. I last posted a very long post about everything I am doing to change my eating habits and lifestyle. If you want to read it click here. I am a bit delayed in posting this one as the weeks just seem to be flying buy and with all my other posts I am finding it hard to keep on top of it all!
So instead of writing about what I am doing again, I wanted to look at the benefits of changing your diet to one which is higher in vegetables, fruit and wholefoods. I am still trying to keep away from white flour products which is my biggest challenge. Man made sugars are also a struggle but I am not as strict. However this last week I had my period so I craved (A LOT) but I managed my mains well and opted for healthy options alongside what we were eating as a family. I will share some pictures later in the post.
With regards to how well I am feeling after a couple of weeks taking super food supplements and eating way more greens I can't tell. I have been hit really hard with hay fever which has exhausted me but I am finding that I am not as hungry and I have lots of energy to work and get on through the day. The wheat grass shot sure gets me going on a morning and the spirulina and chlorophyl keeps me going until lunch time. Alongside eating a fruit based breakfast I am finding I don't need to snack which can only be the superfood shots I am taking.
I have found that my skin is really clear which must be a benefit of what I am consuming. I usually get quite spotty around my period but I must have only had a couple of spots this month and I have found they have cleared up super quick, in like, a day! This is surely linked to chlorophyll and spirilina tablets; they are great for the skin!
As a whole, I definitely struggled this week. I always find I want to eat when I am on my period so a couple of days were a struggle, but I think that as this is a change in my lifestyle for the rest of my life I just wrote them off as days when I required more energy and have done better following them. You can't beat yourself up after a few failed days; I am just plowing on and trying harder.
My weight has not changed much yet. I haven't got to the gym a lot this last week and therefore I haven't really boosted any kind of weight loss there could have been with this kind of change. I am sure it will come in time though. Something that I have noticed though is that my arms feel more toned, and I feel that the skin on my body is changing, just slightly mind, nothing ground breaking!

 Things I have eaten this week

Mixed salad with mozzerella and  bacon

 Homemade carrot soup

 Corgetti and spinach with red pesto

Tuna salad with baked sweet potato

Mixed salad with beetroot and cheddar

Corgetti with beetroot and tuna

Strawberries with bee pollen, linseed cereal topping and greek yogurt

I have started taking Honegar as a shot mixed with water twice a day. It is amazing for your body; cleansing  and healing it as it has natural occurring antibiotics and antiseptics that fight off germs.

A new favourite drink is fresh lemon and mint leaves

Cheeky treats! I am weak!

I mean, how cute?

I LOVE toast!

I will get the next post up asap about how I feel my body is improving!

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