Monday, 1 June 2015

Garden Trading Jugs

I really like uniformity in our home with regards to decoration. Each week I have fresh flowers and I have always been very careful of how I display them. I love having matching jugs to create a theme atmosphere. I purchased these jugs about a year ago and decided that I would just use these to display flowers along with a few jam jars.
Lots of people comment on them so I thought I would just share a little post with the links to them for you!
They are all garden trading and in the colours Clay (green/grey) and Chalk (off white). I love the clay colour the most. It suits our home style well and fits so nicely against wooden furniture and white walls. I find that the soft, vintage-shade flowers sit really well in them and even twigs look good against the greenish colour.

I love the sizes: I have one large, 3 medium and 2 small. They don't sell the large anymore but I can see why. It is almost too big for most bouquets. It's a kind of special arrangement jug due to its size so this one is used the least.
The medium ones are used every week. They are always full of flowers and they are perfect for the dining table or for sideboards.

The small ones are great for the coffee table or for garden flowers, inline filling them with hyacinth and other short stemmed flowers,

Garden Trading have them pictured with drinks suggesting that they can be table jugs. I haven't used them as that before but they would look so pretty on a picnic table ready for summer lunches.

Here is the link to their selection of enamel jugs;
Chalk Jug
Clay Jug
Small Clay Jug

Want to see Garden Trading's other products? Click Here.

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