Tuesday, 22 December 2020

FOOD // Messy Mince Pies

 Messy mince pies to whip up in minutes 

I used to always think that being a mum who bakes the goodies is a great skill to have. I have learned that it takes time, hard work and, actually, energy that I didn't have, so slowly I just began to stop. In more recent years I have 100% opted into buying pre-made parts to enable me to quickly make satisfying treats. Pastry is one of those products that I simple couldn't get into making. "It's so easy though" says everybody, but for me it's not about that: I don't have the time to devote to the prep., making, letting sit process that then allows me to bake a pastry treat. For me, I just remove all of that with buying ready roll off the shelf and popping it straight into the freezer so it is good to go when I need it. I think having pastry in the freezer is a great basic to always carry. We use it to top pies that are made with the bare minimum or just for sweet pastries when bread is low. 
Anyway, Rob found an old jar of mince meat (I'm hoping it was only from last year) and gave me the eyes of "Bonus Emily, you can whip up some homemade mince pies (Insert smiley face)".

Obviously, knowing there was pastry ready to roll in the freezer I agreed happily, got it out to defrost and prepped for making up some homemade mince pies.

However, I defrosted puff pastry and not shortcrust which I didn't even think about, but also, I prefer so I can see why that one came out. Knowing that these were going to be puffier than usual meant that I had to accept that they were going to be a bit messy so it was time to embrace the idea of cosy, warming, fresh Christmas foods rather than star-baker-pastry-chef-extraordinaire styled up mince pies. Honest truth though, food is food, and homemade food, even if it is thrown together from jars or out the freezer is still effort and is such a good way to use time in your day. I love pre-prepared ingredients!

My technique for my super quick, messy mince pies:

Cut out bases; I love a crinkle cutter.
Place in a greased cupcake tray; I used fry light spray.
Spoon mincemeat filling into each pastry dish.
Top with a lid; I just cut a smaller pastry star to sit on top.
Spray with fry light or brush with a beaten egg to allow to go golden brown when baking.

All of the above was truly just whipped together and during baking mincemeat sure did pour out of them. They are gloriously sticky and golden and a real delicious treat to have on the table ready for the family arrival from school and work.

Fresh out the oven

Best way to serve and eat these tasty treats is warmed, doused in icing sugar with a hot cup of tea and if possible sat in front of a fire or with your back to a radiator. The heat makes the taste experience grow tenfold and it truly warms the soul.


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  1. I think puff pastry is even better than shortcrust - it makes a cross between a danish and a mince pie!


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