Wednesday, 23 December 2020

CREATIVE // Hama Bead Snowflakes

Perfect Christmas Holiday Activity For Crafty Kids

Day number one of the Christmas holiday and you can bet that the kids are desperate for a bit of school routine. It is always funny, I find it takes days for them to get out of the routine of school and productivity meaning that they spend a good chunk of the early morning asking "what are we doing today?"

Our house is always full of things that have been made by the kids. One activity that they absolutely love, especially Raphael, is Hama Beads, the plastic beads that you iron together. Now PINTEREST is absolutely awash with Hama ideas and the kids love browsing through, but one really simple one that caught my eye were some cute snowflake decorations. Having recently refilled the bead box we got out our hexagon bead plates and made up a few of our own.

They are pretty self explanatory once you have seen a few images of the shapes. I wouldn't say there are instructions to follow, just get creative with some white beads and design your own.

If you don't know the Hama process here is a little info:
Hama beads are plastic which you arrange on a peg board in all sorts of patterns and then iron to melt the beads together solidifying the pattern.

For us, this is a nice way to pass the time quickly, we just get a bit lost in doing it and once you sit down you find an hour just disappears and it's just really nice. 
Anyway, if you are a fan of making paper snowflakes you might enjoy this delicate alternative which would be perfect for adding to special parcels, hanging on the tree or using to decorate windowsills and tables during this festive period.

Have a go yourself, these are a great craft to enjoy with kids or just with friends, with really satisfying results.


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