Wednesday, 9 December 2020

FOOD // An Easy Cinnamon Roll Tray Bake

Cinnamon Roll tray bake, the easy way

A few weeks ago I made a little video of this on Instagram and it went wild. People absolutely loved it so I thought I would just write down a little 'how to' on creating these delicious cinnamon rolls using no baking skills at all.
I know, it is a complete cheat, I did not make the pastry, cinnamon sugar or in fact roll anything. I did mix icing sugar and water but really I don't think you can call me any kind of baker! I do, however, look like a baker when I present a tray of these rolls fresh from the oven but, really, the hard work has already been done for me.

Now and again I love to get a few make your own pastries and find JUS-Rol a great help in providing some "already made in a tin for you to just roll out" products! In all seriousness, they are a good product and you only need to head to their really creative website to get an idea for something to make with some ready roll pastry.

I love their Cinnamon Rolls. They come in a tin, already rolled for you to just slice up and bake. It is such easy prep. time and within half an hour you will have gone from opening the tin to a tray of cooked goods.

This is a real treat for the days you are all at home. I plan to next make then for Christmas morning as with a coffee, fresh cinnamon is a real treat.

How to make your tray bake

First you will want to set your preheat the oven to 180°C.

As far as making goes, all you need to do is slice the roll. I find into 6 is a good size and lay them onto a baking tray already covered in greaseproof paper. I should mention, my tray takes 2 and a half packs of the Jus-Rol cinnamon swirls, 5 lines of three. I think it just becomes one of those things that work out as you go, but for a starting point I started with 3 packs of rolls with the thought that I could just freeze any that didn't fit in the tray and save for the next time. 

Make sure they are touching as when they bake they join and you get that lovely batch look.
Now the packaging suggests around 15 minutes for bake time but because you are baking with the buns stuffed together I find they need longer. I bake mine for about 20-25 minutes watching that the top keeps golden but the buns are thoroughly baked. 

Whilst the buns are in the oven, I mixed up the pot of icing sugar that comes in the pack with some more of my own, at least double because I like them drenched in icing to give you that real sticky finger experience. I make a runny icing that pours wells over the top.

Once the buns are ready, take them out of the oven and cover in icing straight away so that it melts into any gaps. Then serve as quickly as possible.

These are an absolute treat, one of my faves.


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