Saturday, 4 April 2020

LIFESTYLE // Modern Easter Tree

If you are on this page, you are looking at an idea of how best to have a more modern Easter tree in your home. For me it is all about keeping it minimal so the simplicity of it all does the talking.

I found these really simple egg decorations on H&M made from paper and I knew that they would be the ones that will be used in our home for years. I love the simplicity of the paper detail and muted colours. I have a mix of two sets, some bold colours and some really dull ones. I prefer the dull ones if I am honest but they both suit our home and style.

I wanted simple white branches to hang them on, nothing fancy, so I simply went for a walk and came home with a crop of fallen branches. Near us there is a great spot for this so it didn't take long to do. The only thing that took time was being picky about the branch shape and what branches sat together the best for a full look.

To match our decor I painted the branches white with normal artist's acrylic paint (it was what was in the cupboard). It took two thick coats to cover the branch which was a bit fiddly with a paint brush, I presume a spray may be a better option for speed but I just did it whilst watching TV one evening.

I placed two branches together and tied them off in the best position, I then wrapped some wire fairy lights around the branches so that on an evening they had a pretty glow to them. They actually look better on an evening than they do in the day!

After that I suspended them with white thread over our large mirrors and picture frames. They work so well and really look pretty. Last year I actually ended up keeping the branches up until Christmas because I loved how they looked. I have a feeling that is going to happen again!!


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