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Working with what I have got, I wanted to show you how I have created a really easy Easter table.

Sometimes we may find that events creep up on us and we are completely unprepared. This year's Easter is completely different to usual and I think I had pretty much put all my thoughts about it to the back of my head. Doing that however, doesn't stop it coming round and today I suddenly realised that with no fresh flowers, no "party bits" and no inspiration, I had to start sorting the house a bit for Easter day tomorrow. 
Easter 2020 will be one to remember for all of us. Most of the globe is dealing with a worldwide pandemic and for the first time ever, we won't be seeing family this Easter Sunday. Talk about strange. In a bid to be socially responsible and to protect as many people as we can, we will be staying home and doing our bit to support the country as a whole.
That said, it still leaves me with the predicament of making Easter as happy as possible even if my heart isn't truly in it. The family needs this. I need this. It will be lovely.

Anyway, I have been missing the little luxury of fresh flowers and my garden is very green but with no blooms, so I decided to use some of the dried seed heads that my garden is a bit full of because I am not the most green fingered girl. At this point though I am quite pleased I had been lazy on my garden tidying because some Sedum seed heads have proved to be a valuable table decoration this year.

With some linen table cloths, candles pulled from different shelves round the house and the dried sedum placed in some glass vases, I suddenly had all I needed to make up a table. I have been collecting cork heat mats and coasters from little trips to Ikea and, I must say, I love the brown colour as an additional shade to the scheme. My large cotton/linen table cloth was originally from JYSK, and my pink linen table runner was from H&M. The tone was set.

I filled cups with mini eggs because they are quite simply my favourite! I made sure not to eat any (not until Sunday officially marks lent is over) but it was very tempting. The smell is so good as soon as you open the packet!

Come tomorrow morning I am sure there will be more eggs to decorate the table with but I don't want to spoil the surprise for the children; let's just say our neighbours are too generous!

With the pottering of making the table I found myself cheering up no end. The sun was streaming in and the kids were playing. It all felt really normal. I wondered whether I had just exaggerated my emotions due to the social situation we have found ourselves in. It's very real to feel alone when you physically can't touch family. Never before have I lived on a screen as much as I have the last few weeks. Anyway, here we are and right now I just have to make the most of the situation.

We will be eating a roast chicken dinner with some delicious extras I am sure. We didn't get anything super special in, being round a table with a meal we will all enjoy is enough. 

Have a peaceful Easter Sunday everyone!


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