Tuesday, 21 April 2020

FASHION // Wearing Good Shirts

These photos were taken before the worldwide pandemic

I have always loved wearing shirts. In fact I love wearing shirts so much that often when it comes to dressing up I have a complex about not owning any fancy tops. Seems ridiculous because even these days a white t-shirt and jeans could be a fancy thing to wear if you team it with all the right accessories.
Shirts have a place in my wardrobe though: cotton, linen, silky. Nowadays my 'go to' is jeans, a shirt and as it is cold, a jumper.
Shirts are great items to layer but also a stand alone gorgeous shirt looks great just with jeans. And that my friends is where I am at with shirt buying. I have decided you can’t beat them so best just invest in a few core basics and then have some enjoyable fun ones too. I have been wearing white shirts on repeat and whist I have been constantly pinning Outfit Ideas in your 30s I am finding a running theme of the use of a good shirt.
Not being too eager about summer either but linen shirts are just so cool. I don’t know if you can beat the look of a classic white linen shirt with a pair of jeans (I mean I do have a go) because it is just a staple and always looks effortlessly cool!
A cotton white shirt at the moment is always perfect, layered up with a nice jumper I find that I am beating the chill but looking chic.
I would say the only problem with shirts is that so often, the nicer the material the bigger the creasing! What a pain, I am just going to have to walk round with a steamer because after sitting in the car this one got crushed. To be honest the sleeves are so fancy I think it is hidden (slightly) and the oversized modern look lends itself to the impracticality of such a soft fabric.
My end point is much like the beginning, I love shirts, I think they are great, and as simple as they seem, this classic style will always be part of women's fashion because it will make you look fresh and smart at any age.

Outfit details //
Jeans, Shirt and Bag, H&M
Shoes, M&S
Hair bobble SIMILAR



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