Sunday, 12 April 2020

LIFE LATELY // Our Easter Day In Pictures

Follow along with our Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter! Here it is, can you believe it. A strange one, one to remember for years to come, but one we have all got through together. The first bank holiday of the year seems a bit different to usual. You may not have seen everyone you would usually but I hope you have been able to celebrate in a happy way at home.
For us we have spent another day at home, just us four. 
I knew I wanted to write a post today but I now don't seem to have any words so I thought I would simply share our day in photos. You can see the children's faces, their excitement and how our day panned out. A little heads up, it involved an Easter egg hunt, puzzles out of our neighbours newspaper and a bit of water! 
I hope your day was full in someway; of love, food or simple pleasures. Happy Easter.

Easter Day 2020


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