Monday, 14 August 2017

Time for a change {Daydreaming about a living area FT ideas from WAYFAIR}.

It's four years since we built our extensions. Four years since we got our bargain sofa from ebay and four years since we have even considered changing what we had. I am there now though. Ready for a change and actually, all of a sudden quite desperate for one. 
Having had a toddler and a baby grow up in our space has left its mark. I mean, we have got off lightly, but that is down to white paint and fairy liquid I think. 
With Etta starting school this September and finding that actually the house will stay tidy most of the day {Hoorah} I feel it is a perfect time for a change and a freshen and just putting some bits in place to give me a prettier area. 
Over the years the original pieces have taken a bit of a battering. Our sofa, like anyone's, has had countless abuses thrown at it but it has sustained them well. It is the misshaping cushions and the hard arms where the stuffing has actually flattened that I have a problem with. Also, it is only a two seater and actually all our bottoms are a bit bigger and when it comes to sitting and snuggling, we really are very snuggly! Our arm chair, which has been my favourite chair for a long time, is fraying and has had one too many drinks spilled meaning the turning of the cushion is becoming a bit tricky as both sides are very marked now. It is also grubby and needs reupholstering or just getting rid of. Our coffee table which used to be a dining table is great, bar the stains and paint chips and also the fact that we use it as a table way too often even though the dining table is only 3 metres away from it. NO more. I want a specific coffee table, something a bit fancy, something which doesn't have childhood marked on it, just something a bit nicer. 

I have been thinking about what kind of styles I would like. I know grey needs to be a big feature, I would love a pink sofa but in reality, we are not away from the possibility of stains. We have kids, when they have left home maybe, but for now, a dark colour needs to be had. I also want to use gold, it has become a prominent accessorising colour for us through the downstairs and as we are more open plan I think the continuation of this would be nice. Pink is key also. Our style seems to suit this so whether it is via accessories, I know I want to include a pinky shade. I am also toying with a new rug, we have never had a rug in this area but since having a fire installed last year I started putting sheepskin on the floor to sit on in front of it. I feel a rug might be a nice feature because of this. 
Having an arm chair is a necessity and I do have two. One is going but I don't want to replace it. I want to keep an openness about our space so maybe just a bean bag or puff for the kids might me a good idea. It is so exciting thinking about it all. I also want to get rid of a side table which ends up just housing toys under it. Trying to keep everywhere clear, that's the goal.

My brain just starts ticking and I can't stop looking at ideas. Pinterest is a death trap for all of this. Poor Rob gets overloaded with ideas that change every day but it's nice. I love getting so excited about projects. 
One of my favourite things to do is to search through stores that offer everything. WAYFAIR has been amazing for this. They have an app which I downloaded where you can see their products in your space via a camera function. It is totally perfect. I have been walking around with my ipad and seeing how certain products look. It is a great feature to use. I have even come up with a wish list, well actually it's a more serious want list!! The prices are great and there is a definite ease with using this company. I also love the idea of getting everything from one place, it makes a great shopping experience. 

What would I have? Well I am glad you ask:

{Left to right} RUG 1 / RUG 2 / RUG 3 / RUG 4

{Left to right}SOFA 1 / SOFA 2 / SOFA 3 / SOFA 4

{Left to right}TABLE 1 / TABLE 2 / TABLE 3 / TABLE 4

{Left to right} LAMP 1 / LAMP 2 / LAMP 3 / LAMP 4

And that's just to start: there is so much available and I have so many ideas that it is hard to convey it all into a few pictures. I have lost so many hours to WAYFAIR it has become a bit of a blur in my head but I know I will settle on something and it will look amazing!

* Pictures from Wayfair website

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  1. Beautiful ideas for your new living room - You're so brave considering a glass topped coffee table with young children - many years ago I had a bad dream about falling through a glass table and I know with upmost conviction that I could never buy one. They are lovely though x


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