Sunday, 13 August 2017

Back To School FT. Gloverall + GIVEAWAY {Instructions}

It doesn't take long to come round. All those back to school feelings creep up and you realise that unless you get organised NOW you will have to face doing it, last minute on the last weekend of the holidays. Does anybody really want to do that? I know, I hate it anyway and having had the children's name labels arrive in the post yesterday and having picked up the last uniform pieces, I am pretty much done with the whole back to school thing! An evening sipping wine and stamping up their clothes will be probably done in a week or so, so I can at least put the uniform away and I will hopefully be one of those smug ones a few days before we are back at school rubbing my hands with glee and wallowing in my own greatness at getting everything done. OR NOT.
Let's be realistic, I am hoping and praying that this happens. 
Like I said though, I do have everything I need now for the kids to start school with. Luckily, we don't need stationary or even bags as they get them from school and this year I am even at the ready with having their coats for the autumn/winter term. I actually was quite specific in this field. Since Raphael got his first GLOVERALL coat in time for him starting school I felt it was right that Giulietta also had one. And as Raph needed to size up I decided that a pair of DUFFLES would complement the school uniform and home clothes and would be a great investment for the next school year {possibly two}.
I met with Gloverall a couple of years ago for a separate project which enabled me to get Raph's first Duffle and since then it has been my most favourite coat of his. Gloverall classically have a long steeped tradition of working with schools and having their duffle as part of school uniforms. As a child I actually had one as part of our uniform and rediscovering them many years later is actually a really wonderful thing for me. When we first put Raph's coat on him it looked so cute. I mean undeniably cute and so grown up and proper for a school coat. It's thick and warm and he loved doing up the individual toggles; it was just the perfect coat. And school, well, I think they all nearly fainted with the sight of the youngest little pupil {He was the youngest child in the school} walking in, hair parted nicely with this beautifully traditional coat on. Even parents would comment about how much they loved it and it just really suited Raph's character. Two years on, and like I said, Etta had to have one so I actually got Raph a new one too. 
I wanted to share some pictures I took of them. I actually instantly fell in love with these images when I saw them. It was at the beginning of the holidays and seeing them run around together was just so wonderful. We had actually had a really stressful morning prior to this but getting out by Lincoln Cathedral and just going for it was lovely. Even bystanders were stopping and just laughing and watching them. Watching a live advert before them as they were all commenting on how good they looked. It was just one of the great sessions and the proof is in the outcome of the pictures really. So I will let you enjoy.

GLOVERALL offer a range of classic duffles from age 2 - 16. I think they last, size wise, for about 2 years {child dependant} and I feel they are a great investment, especially for school. Raph's has lasted really well and will become a hand-me-down to his younger cousins as it has got plenty of life left in it. I would have used it for Etta but being presented with an opportunity to work with Gloverall again made it possible to replace it.
Anyway, I have forever wanted her to have a red one; something about girls in red coats, the Little Red Riding Hood effect I think!

What's wonderful though is that Gloverall have offered a follower of mine A CHILD'S DUFFLE COAT {from their collection online} also! I know! COMPETITION TIME! All you have to do is get following me on INSTAGRAM and GLOVERALL and watch out for a comp going live on Monday 14th Aug 17. Don't worry, I will remind you!! 

I know that in my experience, Gloverall offer the best of the best and I have been so pleased with the coat we have had I know these new ones will be the perfect coat for this year. British design at its finest and a company with a long standing affiliation with schools and duffles. 

*Thank you Gloverall for the coats. All the views are my own.

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