Monday, 14 August 2017

Welcome To My World {YouTube Channel}

It's not everyday I get to share big news on here. It is usually just the constant ongoings of life or sharing what I am wearing and buying, but today I just want to say "I AM ON YOUTUBE"! It's kinda a big deal for me and actually something that I decided, in May, that I would launch by the end of June, but that didn't happen and it has taken until now for me to get it sorted. It's not because I simply didn't get round to it but it is because it is so scary. It is another thing for me to expose myself to. It is another thing to fear judgement from but it is also another place where even in the last 24 hours I have met new people and already talked to people I never had before. What another crazy place to find and form new friendships. 
I think initially it is also scary as all you can see is this horrible numbers games at the forefront of it all and the constant wishing for things to grow. I feel that just getting started is right for now, I have two videos up already and two just needing to be loaded up so that my channel starts with some content that will hopefully interest all my readers. 
In preparation for dedication more time to blogging also, as we head into September I feel that this is a great time to start making the steps to growing the blog and learning about different forms of media to enable me to keep learning and getting better at what I do. 

As a little note, thank you for the constant support; likes and comments that remind me people like to see what I am putting out there; it means so much. 

If you can, please subscribe to my new page {CLICK HERE} and follow along with us more personally.


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