Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A Sweet Treat - Goodies Sweet Shop

A Sweet Treat - Goodies Sweet Shop

After walking up and down Lincoln's Steep Hill a few time today (yes it is really steep) I ended up finding a little respite and sugary treat in the beautiful and traditional little sweet shop, Goodies. Now this shop is literally packed full of all kinds of traditional sweets; Giant Gobstoppers, liquorish laces, sugar mice, rosy apples, sherbet pips and so, so many more! This beautiful small shop is squeezed into a building on The Strait, at the bottom of Steep Hill and its windows alone pull you in just to look at the packed shelves. To me it almost makes me think of Roald Dahl's 'Boy', when he talks about the sweet shop he passes with friends on their way to school.

On the way to school and on the way back we always passed the sweet-shop.  No we didn’t, we never passed it.  We always stopped.  We lingered outside its rather small window gazing in at the big glass jars full of Bull’s Eyes and Old Fashioned Humbugs and Strawberry Bonbons and Glacier Mints and Acid Drops and Pear Drops and Lemon Drops and all the rest of them.  Each of us received sixpence a week for pocket-money, and whenever there was any money in our pockets, we would all troop together to buy a pennyworth of this or that.  My own favourites were Sherbet Suckers or Liquorice Bootlaces.
(Taken from Boy by Roald Dahl)

It is just like that! You stare through the window and just see reams of the sweets and you just wonder, "How will I ever choose!" 
Fortunately there is no mean Mrs Pratchett to greet you but Richard, the proud owner of the shop and very friendly gentleman indeed!

I ended up choosing Sherbet Lemons, Rosy Apples and some Foam Hearts (which are my favourite). This was just what I needed after my multiple climbs and decents of the hill. 
So if you are ever recovering from walking down, or preparing to walk up, just pop in to get a quick sugar fix and I am sure you won't be disappointed!

If you want to see the website and have a virtual tour of the shop click HERE!

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