Friday, 21 December 2018

My Home This Christmas

Decorating my house for Christmas.

I would never say I was a Humbug, but this Christmas I do feel a little sparse. I don't know, I mean, maybe I am way too keen with getting everything away but I really like clear surfaces and recently I have been feeling a bit claustrophobic with it all so I wonder if that has anything to do with it. All I know is that I have boxes upstairs with decorations in that haven't been used but I am really happy with how the house looks.

The Tree.

As always, simplicity is key. Apart from the kitchen shelf which is quite full I very nearly only put fairy lights on the Christmas tree as I wanted the tree itself to be in full focus. Quite a few of my big baubles have stayed off, my colour tones are much warmer, pinks and soft golds are what catch your eye and my new paper decorations {sold at H&M} are just what I needed to give my tree a more skandi nod. As I said, a lot of my decorations didn't come out as a lot of them are silver and antique glass, and as much as I love them, I just wanted to see green! 

The Mantle

The fireplace is the emptiest it has ever been: 4 candles, 2 deer and a wreath. Obviously plenty of fairy lights but how bare! Stockings will hang in the next week but since changing the lighting in this space and removing the mirror {do you remember when it was like that?} I just feel it looks so pretty like this, just simple. 

On The sideboard

My sideboard, again, has had a handful of decs, a faux tree {you can get this one from Homesense in store}, plenty of candles and some red berries are keeping it pretty. I just wonder if I need some more greenery. Maybe I have ruined it for myself, I always have fairy lights up and actually, maybe I should take them down so that I get that sparkle back when I put them out again, maybe?!

A Kitchen Shelfie

The Kitchen shelf is a different story. I have filled that as much as possible with extra decorations and little Christmas trees. I have swapped my tropical greenery for fir trees and that goes for the whole house. I always hide my house plants away as I think Christmas is for the fir. 

The Dining Table

The dining table now has a festive table cloth. I was going to put off using it but I wanted it out. It will need washing almost daily up until Christmas but I am putting a shorter white one over the top which is much easier to clean! That in itself fills the room with more colour. With little decorations ready for use on the big day, our normal crockery and cutlery will look extra special!

Decorating upstairs!

Upstairs the children's room is full of Christmas things. In fact, this year I wanted their room to have colour and excitement so thanks to GREAT LITTLE TRADING the kids' beds are adorned with beautiful Christmas Bedding and their BOOKCASES are full of Christmas books. The children also have the big advent calendar in their room this year along with a little Christmas tree and a new nativity set for them to play with. I got this one in particular as I loved the simplicity and the use of bare wood and also, the characters are really cute!
With a few extra touches the kids' room is perfectly Christmas focused for them!

Unlike last year our room is the same as always. To be honest, out headboard is more covered by a new mattress so I can't drape my garland across it and the top shelves have become more covered in the last year. Want to see what it did look like though? See that post HERE. I took some red berries up the other day but they live downstairs so I am going to buy more and dot them further about the house to bring that splash of seasonal red!

Other than that, we have a wreath on the door and some Christmas lights outside but I don't share pictures of the outside front of my house for obvious reasons!

How is your house looking? Full to bursting? I know I could have more out and at a friend's yesterday we chatted about how maybe I need more out for the kids, so it looks like I am definitely going to be purchasing a tree train sometime soon!! But in all honesty I think it is just good to go with what you like. What we have is enough and I am content with that and only feel guilty because social media shows me how full of Christmas guff everyone else's houses are. This is enough for me and I hope it brings some inspiration and idea for future years for you!


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