Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Make Your Own Old Jumper Scarf.

Turn old jumpers into a beautiful new scarf!

I mean, I feel like a real broken record but let's just say that I have found a passion for reducing a bit of waste!
Fashion waste too, and in a way I wouldn't have wasted these but they would have sat doing nothing for a long time!
Anyway, having had a few cashmere {not 100%}  jumpers get a bit moth eaten, I was really loathed to throw them. I know so many people are so good at repurposing items and after a lovely discussion with some women at work I felt truly inspired to have a go at turning old jumpers into a scarf and it could not be easier!

A little how to.

This method is incredibly simple but the joy of it is that you can really make it your own. In fact as I write I am thinking of all the options, but for me I simply made two scarfs in different colours sewing 3 jumpers together. But, imagine making making a whole grey scarf from a range of different shades of grey. The ideas can so easily be adapted.

The basic plan goes something like this. Cut straight under the jumper from armpit to armpit. Then, depending if the hem is really tight or loose, cut straight across leaving you with the jumper middle and two joined seams.

Then cut one of the side seams off. I would pick the one where the label is. Cut the whole seam off, it means you will have a nice edge when it comes to sewing it to another jumper. 

So now, you will have a pile of jumper middles. Yes, one seam is still visible, but trust me, this is how you want it to look! 

Once you have cut up your jumpers (3 make a great length) you can start sewing the edges together. Mine were pretty similar widths so I just matched the edges up. 

Sew a simple straight line stitch joining the two pieces and keep adding until you are happy with the length.

And that is it.
The cashmere gets a beautiful natural roll and you don't need to do anything to the edges, it sits beautifully and the seams suit its style so much.

Imagine what you could do? You could even make it a wide scarf by sewing the long lengths together, oh it would be like a blanket but you will need a lot of old jumpers for that!


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