Thursday, 30 November 2017

A Christmas Bedroom. {FT. Laura Ashley}

Ever since I worked in a florists, I have always had dreams about decorating my bedroom more at Christmas time. We used to get this customer who would come in every year, a couple of weeks before Christmas and buy: 2 long garlands, a wreath and some small posies all to decorate her bedroom with. She would explain how a garland would hang above the bed and one across their mantle piece. They would put a wreath on the door and have posies for her dressing table. It sounded like something out of a magazine. A perfectly picturesque scene for her and her husband to enjoy in their own space. I always felt quite jealous about it to be honest as what we made always was so beautiful and I could just imagine it adorning some grand bed. Could you imagine the smell? Fresh spruce; how Christmassy. However, my one cause for concern is that once it got a bit dry, would it not drop? Finding little pine needles in your sheets wouldn't be that comfortable, but maybe the prettiness outweighed the potential droppage and therefore it was still something that had to be done. 
As the years have passed I have often thought about how I would decorate a room for Christmas. This year the kids have a nice new sideboard in their bedroom which I am going to put a small Christmas tree on. They will be so excited for that; one they can decorate themselves. Our room, as it is the attic isn't seen as much as theirs in the day though. I don't really get chance to chill out in there as it is usually time for sleeping once I get up there. I always wanted a bedroom I could just be in, relaxing or reading, but being in the attic I feel it is too far away from the sitting room to just be in when the kids would be downstairs. However, since we painted the bedroom, and as the kids have had a few toys put in their rooms as we have been overflowing a bit, I spend a bit more time up there. It is such a nice space visually for us and the dark grey wall still is as impressive as it was when we first painted it. All of this change and having the opportunity to have some Christmas bits upstairs for the kids I have found some pieces that would go in our room so perfectly. Even though they would spend most of their time being unseen I am absolutely going to be going to bed a bit earlier to enjoy just sitting quietly in their glow. There is something about fairy lights that gets me all excited anyway and as I always wanted a garland for my bed, finding this one from LAURA ASHLEY is an absolutely perfect substitute for anything fresh. Dressing the wooden headboard with a Christmas garland is such a great idea, if you can get one to fit, honestly you should as it looks so pretty. 

Using a traditional wreath as well as adornment for my chest of drawers is just another nice seasonal piece that means the room feels Christmassy. 

With a few extra pretty lights to bring that Christmas glow upstairs I think my bedroom is ready for Christmas. I am so excited to enjoy this space this season. I think a few Christmas movies and hot chocolates in bed will be called for, some special moments to just reiterate the importance of family at this time of year.

What I have;

*Laura Ashley sponsored this post for their blog, I am just sharing it on mine also as it is so pretty!


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