Sunday, 25 November 2018

Easy Morning Radio {With VQ & QVC #AD}

The best start to a day

I must say, in more recent months we have become so dissatisfied with TV. We find we only watch streaming sites now on an evening or a very lazy morning. I don’t know, I just don’t think there isn't anything very interesting to watch any more and I am quite sick of adverts! Often on a school day I have got into putting the radio on and you know what, I am really enjoying it. In fact, and maybe it is my age, I am going from listening to Radio 1 to listening to Radio 2 a lot more, especially in the morning as I like the presenters, and I take real enjoyment in having it on from the house, to the car for the school run and back again. At the weekend I find it is nice to have the noise of the radio instead of the noise from the TV so if we are just pottering, that goes on. Inevitably with the kids, they get sick of the talking and end up asked for music so I have always loved a radio which has bluetooth capability which I can link my devices to.
It is no surprise (as I have mentioned them loads on my blog before) that I think really highly of the VQ RADIOS, and I especially love their MONTY. We have a couple dotted in the house, one upstairs and one down and I find they are easy to use and I can move them from room to room as required.

We mainly have a radio in the kitchen as it is separate to the rest of our living space and it means that if the kids are off playing I can have my own little space for music! Reality is though, once they hear the music it gets turned up loud so they can enjoy even at breakfast time!

When VQ contacted me to say they were launching a collaboration with Joules, I was really excited to see the results. You will also know I have been a long time fan of theirs too, so two brands, I really like, collaborating was awesome. Now having one of my favourite radios wrapped in an iconic Joules print I feel like there is so much room for bringing really colourful accessories into home in such a wonderful way.
I love a radio for adding colour, or in fact almost ornamental effect sometimes, but a radio on a shelf is a nice thing to have. These new Joules VQ  radios are available to buy on QVC now which gives you a chance to buy at a great price!

Music & family works

Already knowing the quality of sound is going to be great from past experience, it is nice to be able to pick something a bit more colourful this time round. 
For the kids, they always show interest in where the music is coming from. I mentioned earlier about how much I love the bluetooth capability and I really mean this. Linking up with the MONTY is so easy and it means we can play anything we want. On a morning that can really lend itself as a bit of encouragement and we can really get ourselves up and read for the day. I know the children love the control of asking for anything and, more often that not, the request is simply just "something we can dance to". For us, music has always been a part of our lives and brings us so much joy. The kids are also getting good at remembering lyrics and it is really fun to watch them sing along. It's nice having objects that are just part of our everyday lives like this.

We are morning people!

The morning does seem to be the best time for listening to music for us and it is nice to start our day well. As with lots of adverts these days, VQ are looking to see just how you use your VQ radio at home by tagging #dressmyhomevq. If you are on social media, why not share a picture and join in the conversation. Also check out my WINTER CAMELLIEA RADIO on QVC NOW!

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