Friday, 30 November 2018

Christmas Wrapping {Combating Disposable Waste}

Let's Wrap Gifts in Pretty Fabric

Well let's just say I am inspired! Since making my CHRISTMAS SACKS to help cut down on wrapping paper I have been inspired to think of more ways of making gift giving look extra special. Since I can't take any credit for coming up with the idea, yes, Pinterest strikes again, I felt that it was fair to share it and share what I have done in the same way.
Take a look at the simplest, most pretty, reusable wrapping!

So first off, this is a super simple way to wrap your gifts whether it is for Christmas or otherwise!
All you need is some fabric! You can get this in many forms, from the local fabric store, online or even recycle old shirts, bedding or silky scarfs!

How to wrap!

I know, all you need is a square, one that will wrap around your gift!
To keep it simple, I have a picture how to:

Place diagonally so the present edges sit pointing towards the corners of the fabric.

Fold corner over gift and begin to wrap.

Roll on the parcel until the fabric is wrapped around.

Place the end down and the turn over the parcel.

Twist both ends of the parcels.

Bring over the parcel and tie.

It will unravel but that's what you want.

Add decoration!

And there you have it, the prettiest, easiest way to wrap, and no sellotape!

The finished product will be beautiful under the tree!

I am still quite ready to use some paper in my Christmas wrapping this year, but this is such a beautiful idea that I really wanted to try it out! What do you think, maybe it's something adults would enjoy more?


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