Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Constant Reminder That Family Is Everything. A Spoonful Of Sherman Review.

I speak a lot about the nuclear family on here. How they are my centre and how they are the ones that matter. It is a very important attitude to have as not only is it good for protection but also for living a good lifestyle. This obviously doesn't mean that the extended family is removed, that itself is just another layer to life, an outer circle. The core though, is important and I suppose after a few recent events I have been reminded of this once again.

A couple of weeks ago we headed to our local theatre, NEW THEATRE ROYAL and enjoyed a performance of A SPOONFUL OF SHERMAN. A brilliant musical based on the life of the Sherman family. A family whose names you may recognise more recently from the film Saving Mr. Banks, but actually as the names of the two brothers, who wrote most of Disney's hit songs, including the Mary Poppins score, but also songs from The Aristocats, The Jungle Book and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It was actually their father who was famous before they were. A composer himself who wrote for many famous people including the likes of Frank Sinatra. He was a man who put his family at the centre of everything and even though they spent a lifetime travelling and working, they were always all together. Then as Mr and Mrs Sherman Snr. passed on the boys continued the tradition and worked together composing music and bringing up their own families. Back to the musical we saw, it was a fantastic performance of all of their hit songs based around the retelling of the Sherman's lives. I would say it was one of the best singing performances I have ever seen from the five actors and it was a beautiful family event. We took the kids and they enjoyed it especially when it got to the Disney era. I however would have enjoyed it with just Rob also; it just was a really beautiful story told so well. The set was fab and it all took place in a 50/60s style office with just two pianos. In fact, writing all about it makes me want to see it again! It was so very poignant and just really emphasised the importance of family while repeating their family moto "Together we're family, together we're one". 

I love the small reminders and how they come through different mediums to always come back to the family; the core and your team!

It was a great musical to enjoy so locally. I am really loving just being able to pop to the theatre and access entertainment like this so easily. It is closer to the North of the city meaning we could walk there if it were just Rob and I, but with the kids, it still is only a short car ride. Thank you to the theatre for gifting us the tickets to see this play.


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