Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Tesco Home Press Day {AD}

{This is a paid advertorial with Tesco}

It seems crazy that in the height of a May heatwave I am sharing ideas for Autumn. The thing is, when I was asked to head to London and view some of the new range from FOX & IVY, Tesco's very own luxury home brand, I was more than happy to check it out. 

If like me you had written Tesco off to just selling candles and floral bedding you are very wrong. After introducing FOX & IVY as their more stylish, high trend home range, Tesco home wares have never looked so good. Easily accessible online or, of course, as part of  your weekly shop, Tesco have now created a real cult home wear brand at an incredibly affordable price. 

The new collection, ready for Autumn/Winter 18 is colour rich, stylish and full of in house designs. For some reason you don't associate Tesco's with in house design teams, sat researching, painting and actually hand drawing what ends up on the cushions. But there is. And having chatted to a few about their inspirations and what mediums they like to use, I came away wanting to crack open the water colours and have a play myself. 

What I loved looking at in the new season's range is the depth of colour that is being used. Navy blue was popular colour choice along with dark berries and greys. You then have all your metallic touches also which is what helps bring a rich luxurious feel to everything. With glamour being a big key like the shiny golds against the marble tables,  just seeing them altogether brings a touch of class that we all want in our homes.

I was so impressed with the level of quality art work that was being done by hand and not just by computers. I don't have anything against computer generated prints but it is just nice to see the process of how Tesco really are working their pattern and design from the ground up. In one of their prints, The Crane bird image was actually taken from a vase one of the art directors had in his home. I think it must be so nice to see a print build from something you have in your home as an item already. An artistic eye lead to and range which means a lot more to him due to the personal touch.

Whats more, FOX & IVY are not the only brand in Tesco's home selection. With exquisite table wear onto the market, Tesco's really is becoming a place to get everything. There impressive premium cook wear range GO COOK also has a lot to offer. Whether you are an everyday cook or someone who wants to give more culinary efforts in the kitchen, again, so much more is available from this all round brand.

While you look at the pictures, remind yourself that these will all be available at Tesco, yep, where you do your grocery shop, and think for a minute about how easy it is to bring into your home. 

I think it is fantastic and just shows how brilliantly up to date the Tesco design team are. They are inline with all the themes that are appearing at all the press days and it is making sure that they are up there as one of the big hitters. With neither price or style compromised, you will be so pleased with what is coming out!!

For more ideas from Tesco check out the FOX & IVY RANGE and the new GO COOK RANGE now.


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