Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Monthly MeetUp {#5}

Well I have to be honest, it doesn't seem like five minutes since I wrote my last post! Yep, that's mainly because it only went up two weeks ago, but here I am and have a post ready for you to welcome the month of MAY!
I must say this month has been a long time coming. I mean, could April have been more miserable? I am only echoing what everyone is thinking when I say that I am desperate for some warmth. Just a bit to warm my body up and just make life easier!

So where did I get to with last months resolutions? Not far but far enough for me to want to continue. Doing more activity as a family is really nice. I have met Rob after work on a Thursday as I don't need to do the school pick up and I have ran to his office and then ran back home with him on his bike. I really love it and I am just going to make sure that that is a usual Thursday occurrence. I have started swimming also when the kids are in their swimming lessons. It's nice doing lanes and watching them from afar as they do their own swimming. I was always jealous when I would sit in the hot viewing gallery watching the super sporty types, and now I am joining them I feel really invigorated!
The thing is, there is always more we can do. I need to lose a few pounds as I am just not happy about my body right now so really if we do little family things I really enjoy it. 

This month I am going to try and learn a new skill. I would class myself as a good swimmer. I am a strong swimmer and I really love it but I cannot do a good front crawl. I am going to learn and perfect the front crawl at the age of 30! 

With May actually already here, it's hard not to reflect on what's happened this last month. Busy times have meant April has wished and Easter was truly left in the dust. Can you believe it was Easter only 30 days ago? I'm struggling with that, and we still have so much chocolate to eat. With May 1st a sunny and beautiful one it is easy to forget the bad weather that preceded it. I must say it has been truly awful and I for one am done with it. Many a day it rained in April giving a truth to the song "April Showers" and as a friend pointed out, there are no flowers without the rain. I feel it is the start of something beautiful to come. Looking out the window now I am about to head out on the school run and I know I am still going to need a jacket, but I have a feeling warm days are coming and there is a joy that is coming with that also.
April is always the start of our party season also with Rob's birthday being on the 30th. It is a great way to end the month and it comes with a guarantee of lighting the pizza oven for the first time in the year. It was a great day and a brill way to celebrate Rob's birthday. 

I hope May brings more happiness and just allows me to enjoy all the new things going on. My job, the small changes to the house and just the blooming of everything in the garden.


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  1. Gorgeous photos.
    Glad you have started some things for you xxx


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