Sunday, 7 August 2016


It isn't often that you discover a brand whose main aim is to make life happy. Lighthouse has a beautiful concept about living life simply, whether it is by the sea or on dry land, you spend time alongside nature, at its pace rather than your more rushed one. It is a philosophy that I would like to be more inline with. Who wouldn't? The idea to spend time on coastlines, in forests or even in a farmers field are moments that are better shared with loved ones than with anyone else. 

For me, I love walking. I do not do enough of it. I know I don't but when I do, I really feel invigorated. A few weeks ago we took the kids across some fields by my parents'. It had been raining and there were some monstrous puddles. Watching them running through them and jumping in was priceless, it really was. Childhood experienced, all in muddy puddles. It was the perfect time giving them opportunity to really play in natures glory.

Last week we were back out at my parents' and it was amazing to see the corn fields had changed from their grown green to their ready to harvest gold. It is quite a sight really. And again, there was perfect opportunity for the children to be close to nature enjoying its beauty and being immersed (literally) in their surroundings. 

No crops were hurt in this adventure, just so you know, but when there is gold as far as the eye can see, why not take a little wander down the tracks between the rows? Mr Farmer, would most definitely disagree, but I was too tempted!

Lighthouse were kind enough to send us some of their coats to try and what better a day to give them a real go. Not only were we surrounded by rain but the brightness of the prints lent themselves to the glorious background, really making the kids stand out well. 
What is amazing about Lighthouse is that their small collection is really perfect for everyday life. They pull on easily and are that bit longer so really protect kids for the elements. They are perfect for our British summer weather and recently I have been fitting them in my handbag to take out on days that are a bit temperamental. They are easy, beautiful and make life simple!

Raphael wears Skipper Nautical Coat and Etta wears the Carrie Printed Waterproof.

As for me, an easy pull on jacket that can protect me against the elements is perfect. One like my Romy Cotton Waterproof Jacket is perfect and just goes with everything.

Life made simple is a life that we all enjoy. Making fun out of cornfields and dull days is what it is all about. Hopefully this summer we will be able to have more sun than rain, but if it is rain we get, then we will use it to our advantage and live happy!


*Post in collaboration with Lighthouse who gifted us these coats to review.

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