Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Angel's Face Love!!

It would seem that for a couple of our weddings this summer Etta has worn one of my favourite tutu brands Angel's Face. They are the ones who make the fluffiest looking skirts imaginable and Etta has been lucky enough to have owned 3 in her life so far! Now she has a fourth, but this one is very, very different to the other collections, and actually, as much as I love all the tulle and net on their classic tutus, this new, longer length style skirt has got me cooing over our little girl. She looks just like a ballerina and so, so beautiful.

I think Etta was 1 when she had here first bellowing skirt. Something about this brand is particularly precious. They have that very girly magic to them, the kind that gives a girl that instant intake of breath as soon as the box is opened. 
When I showed Etta this skirt and cardigan combo, she just instantly said, "Like a princess?" I love that a simple outfit has made her dreams come true. This parcel, full of the right pieces to make you an actual princess!

  I suppose, with any very girly item, you are always going to encourage this princess dream. I find Angel's Face always have the same effect though. 
For our most recent wedding Etta wore the snowdrop long ballet skirt with the blush charm cardi. She couldn't look more like a ballerina if she tried. And what a beautiful ensemble for a wedding. 

As if this little girl couldn't get any more beautiful, it happened right before our eyes. I suppose she just really looked like a princess and all day, running round with the boys and dancing, she just went for it. Nothing could stop her, she was so happy and so confident.

These clothes wash well and are so pretty, time and time again. The other style of skirt that Angel's Face offer is their tutu (one pictured below) which we also love and which Etta wore to another wedding.

Perfect pieces for little girls.


*Post in collaboration with Angel's Face who gifted us the skirt to review.

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  1. We agree! Our 3 year old has had two tutus and a dress from Angel's Face (we are in Australia, but their clothes are worth the postage)...she has recently received her black long ballet skirt in the post and it is beautiful. Although the tutus are amazing, I think she'll wear the new one even more - the length and slimmer line, without losing the princess look, are perfect!


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